Scary Foot Edit

Super Evil Magician Edit

Age: 60

Lives in: Standard

Friends: Dr. Dr. Doctor, Rowboat the talking rowboat

Scary Foot was born with severe foot deformities that caused his toes to swell up and burst, releasing scary sludge, which caused very random effects to anything near it. When Scary Foot was 8, he was hiking with his father when his feet released a large amount of scary sludge, which turned his father into a pile of gold. Scary Foot was overcome with grief until he realized that he could use his feet to become extremely rich. He melted down the solid gold and fashioned it into an incredibly unstable grenade which he used to rob a nearby postal office. The bomb destroyed itself but caused no damage to the building, but Scary Foot escaped with 6 cashes of money in shipping envelopes. From then on, he terrorized the helpless world with his powers, going by the name Scary Foot to keep the police from discovering his real name, Wincester Cdoex.